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Carmen Sandiego Word Detective


Brand New CDRom

Your mission is to stop Carmen Sandiego and her diabolical Babble-on Machine from destroying the English language!

You must successfully complete twelve missions that require you to solve over sixty skill-building activities.

Practice mode features thousands of exercises that develop spelling, grammar and vocabulary proficiency.

This adventure motivates kids to learn essential language skills.

Includes CD in windowed sleeve - all instructions on CD

  • complete grammar

  • spelling and vocabulary program

  • complete 12 missions that require you to solve

  • over 60 skill-building activities

  • packed w/skill-building activities & thousands of exercises in Practice Mode

  • customizable spelling lists

  • 3 levels of difficulty for each activity

  • electronic dictionary with over 3,000 words

  • spelling, grammar & vocabulary activities in each mission

  • infiltrate hideouts

  • find clues and complete activities to save ACME agents from the sinister Babble-On Machine

  • 18 fact-filled stories shed light on science, history, geography and even the elusive Carmen Sandiego On-screen progress report


System Requirements for Windows

  • Windows 3.1 or Windows 95/98/ME

  • 66 MHz 486DX or faster required

  • 8 MB RAM for Windows 3.1

  • 16 MB RAM for Windows 95/98/ME

  • Minimum 25 MB hard disk space

  • 4X CD-ROM drive or faster

  • SVGA video card 640x480, 256 colors

  • High and True Color supported

  • Windows compatible sound device

  • Video and sound card compatible with DirectX 5 for Windows 95/98/ME

System Requirements for Macintosh

  • Macintosh and Power Mac

  • System 7.5.1 or higher

  • 20 MHz 68040 processor or faster

  • PowerPC 100 MHz or faster

  • 68040 Macintosh: 6 MB RAM free

  • PowerMac: 16 MB RAM free

  • Minimum 20 MB hard disk space

  • 4X CD-ROM drive or faster

  • 640x480 display, 256 colors



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