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Creatures 2


Brand New CD


A huge living world, and six Norn eggs waiting to be hatched. Begin with your first baby Norn and start exploring Albia for the first time. With dangers lurking around every corner, you're going to have to be on your gaurd if you and your family of Norns are ever going to build a peaceful existence. Ultimately, you may even find the genetic splicing machine and your chance to rid Albia of the menace of the vicious Grendels forever. Includes CD in sleeve - instructions on CD.


Windows 95/98 Win NT . 166MHz processor or faster . 16 MB of RAM . 300 MB of hard drive space . 16-bit video card with at leas 2 MB video RAM.Microsoft DirectX compatible Drivers. . 16-bit sound card.Microsoft DirectX compatible Drivers.



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