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Creatures Adventures


Brand New CD

The virtual adventure you'll never forget!

Care for them...explore with them...but most of all, love them. The fun never ends with creatures adventures!

This is a special world, inhabited by a unique virtual life form known as Norns. Norns are artificial life creatures with their own Digital DNA, brains and biochemistry. They learn and think for themselves, but they need you to love them, care for them and play with them.

The adventure starts from the moment your first Norn hatches in the Nestery! Explore the Creatures Adventures world with them - do you dare to walk through the spooky forest? Or fly through Cloud Land in a magical sky boat? In Creatures Adventures the choice is yours.

Norns live on your computer and they need to eat, sleep and play. Keep them fed, give them lots ot do, and they'll be your friends for life.

  • Creatures Adventures in completely intuitive. There are no menus or keyboard commands to learn - just bring your imagination and point and click!

  • Four different Norn breeds, each with their own characteristics! They'll pass these on to their children but develop their own, individual personalities.

  • Play, explore and discover in fifteen cool themed areas.

  • Dynamic living environment where the weather and seasons change.

  • Timer settings allow you to put Creatures Adventures to sleep at a given time.

  • Celebrate your birthday with the Creatures Adventures Norns.

  • Play basketball, Bake your favorite cake, Explore the castle dungeons, Parachute from an airship, Make music with dinosaurs, Grow your own vegetables and much, much more!

  • Windows 95/98/Me

  • 200MHz Pentium processor or faster

  • 32MB of RAM

  • 4x CD-ROM or faster

  • 2MB 16-bit color SVGA display adapter (800x600 resolution)

  • 300MB of free hard disk space

  • 16-bit soundcard required

  • Graphics cards and sound cards require DirectX-compatible drivers




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