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Factory Sealed Retail Box

Creatures is more than a game.  It is the virtual pet for your PC, where Norns hatch and life is created.  Biochemistry, brains, and digital DNA are provided by the program, you supply the rest.  From the beginning your Norn is dependant on you.  Maintain their health and watch future generations grow and develop.  Do you have what it takes to keep this life form going?

  • Modeled after actual biological systems

  • 14 concepts of language to guide and influence your Norn

  • Five growth stages

  • Pets display "real" feelings from hunger to happiness

  • Multiple kits help provide optimum care

  • Share your creatures with other owners through email and the Internet

  • Windows 95,98

  • Pentium 60+

  • 16MB Ram

  • 16bit Sound Card

  • SVGA display

  • CDrom



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