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Disney's Animated Storybook

The Hunchback of Notre Dame


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From the catacombs beneath Paris to the bell tower of Notre Dame, a great reading adventure is calling your name. Come join your favorite characters throughout 26 incredible screens.

You'll help Quasimodo rescue Esmeralda while playing challenging and hilarious activities that improve reading, vocabulary and problem solving skills. With so many hours of fun and learning, it's an adventure as big as Quasimodo's heart.

  • 26 action-packed story screens provide hours of fun and exploration

  • Six challenging activities, many with different levels and timers, are sure to ring your bell

  • Hundreds of clickable surprises

  • An Action Dictionary that defines words with humorous animation

  • Features all the celebrity voices from the movie

  • This is a great interactive storybook based on the hit Disney movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

  • Toddlers and children ages 3-9 can enter the world of Quasimodo with all the Disney characters. Along the way toddlers and children solve puzzles and play learning games that build reading, vocabulary and problem solving skills.

  • There are 26 action-packed story screens set in the street of Paris and in the Notre Dame cathedral The incredible graphics are straight from the Disney movie. Six challenging activities ensure hours of fun and exploration as the story unfolds.

  • Toddlers choose to hear the story read, play in the story or pick their favorite page or game. Toddlers read along as the story is told. Text is highlighted as the story is read increasing reading comprehension and confidence. Toddlers can click on an individual word to hear it read along with a definition.

  • There are lots of games to play. Help Quasimodo carry Esmeralda down the Cathedral wall or stop Frollo's soldiers who are trying to attack. Create music and watch the gargoyle's dance.

  • This is a beautiful timeless story that toddlers and children will enjoy learning and interacting with.


Windows 3.1/95,98 (also works on Windows ME & XP)
486 66 MHz CPU
30 MB free disk space
8-bit sound card
256 colors (runs in High Color, 600X800)

Macintosh 68040+ or Power MAC
System 7.1 or later
8 MB RAM (16 MB For Power Mac)
30 MB free disk space
256 color display



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