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Dogz 3


Brand New CD-Rom

The world's most popular virtual Petz are back on your computer desktop! Intelligent, expressive, and full of personality, these Dogz are truly alive. Dogz 3 allows you to create Families, explore fun Play Scenes, and clothe your Dogz in cool new Clothing and Accessories! No pooper scooper required.  Includes CD in sleeve - instructions on CD.

  • Dogz are little when you first adopt them, and then they grow up over time into adult Dogz.

  • Dogz 3 comes in 10 breedz of Dogz. Different breedz have different personalities, but every Dogz is unique.

  • As the proud owner of a virtual Dogz, you must be a responsible caretaker. Your Dogz will be happy if you give them lots of love and attention, a drink of water, a bowl of food, and perhaps occasional yummy Dogz treatz.

  • You can train your Dogz to do trickz by waving little treatz or a bone. Reward them when they do trickz for you.

  • Your Dogz will want to roam around and explore all of their Play Scenes. Your Dogz may dig in the Back Yard and then dash to the Kitchen and try and 'paw' treatz from the cupboard. Or, your Dogz may dodge and bark at the Hermit Crab on the Beach and then lie and sleep by the Family Room fireplace.

  • Your Dogz have so many toyz. Balls, Flying Disks, Bubble Machines, Boomerangs, Beach Balls, and Bones are some of their all-time favorites.

  • Dress up your Dogz with stylish clothing and accessories. In the Clothes Closet, you can drag the clothing on and off your Dogz with your mouse.

  • Windows 95/98

  • Pentium 90 MHz or higher

  • 256 color video card and monitor

  • 32MB RAM

  • 80 MB free hard disk space

  • SoundBlaster or compatible

  • 16 bit sound card with DirectX compatible drivers



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