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Freddi Fish and Luther's Maze Madness


Brand New CD-Rom


Collect valuable surprises like chocolate covered worm doodles, purple sea urchins and underwater birthday cakes. Over 100 maze-crazed caverns to explore!
That pesky shark has teamed up with other familiar faces. Watch out, they're hot on your tail! Sea sponges, boulders and teleporting whirlpools are some of the useful tools you'll need to succeed. Includes CD in sleeve - instructions on CD.

Junior Arcade games are jam-packed with fast-and-furious gameplay that satisfies kids' hunger for action and surprises! Starring lovable characters and the high-quality, hand-drawn animation that families have come to expect from Humongous Entertainment, this series will provide hours of action and fun for your children.

  • Challenging, arcade-style games for kids ages 3 to 8 (and childred of all ages).

  • Brand new action with all the quality you'd expect from Humongous Entertainment.

  • Save your game after each level and track the scores of up to 75 players!

  • The easy-to-use customer level builder allows kids to make their own amazing levels!


Windows 95/98/3.1 - 486DX2 66 PC or higher, double-speed CD-ROM drive, 16MB RAM for Windows 95, 8MB RAM for Windows 3.1/3.11, 15MB available on hard drive, SVGA 256 color graphics adapter, MPC-compatible sound card, mouse.

Macintosh - 68040 40MHz or Power PC processor, double-speed CD-ROM drive, 15MB available on hard drive, 8MB RAM, 256 color graphics capability, 13" or larger color monitor, Macintosh System 7.1 or higher.



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