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Garfield Mad About Cats


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Jon's had it with Garfield. He wants him to straighten up and fly right. To listen . To help out around the house. To catch Mice. To be the perfect cat! Well, he world's favorite fat cat won't stand for that! He and Odie head down to their secret lab and proceed to create the perfect cat Jon is looking for.

Join Garfield and Odie as they become the mad scientist Dr. Frankencat, and his eager assistant, Eagor, and search the world for the parts to build the world's most perfect cat.

Along the way you can watch Garfield battle alien Nermals, protect his precious lasagna from the evil rats and make fun of Jon.

Use the computer to help Garfield discover the parts of the perfect cat.

Discover fantastic facts about Garfield's many relatives.

Soda Shaker Can you help Garfield get a soda without getting sprayed?

Pooky Maze Garfield needs your help to reach Pooky.

Protect Garfield's lasagna from the sneaky rats.

Look out! the Nermals are invading! Stop them with your Hairball Hack Attack.

  • A hilarious Garfield adventure

  • Information on more than 30 species of cats

  • Cultural facts on the areas where cats are from 20 fun and funny Garfield games

  • Original voices from the Garfield television show

  • Three skill levels

  • Save feature lets you come back and continue your game later


Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP
Pentium II 200MHz or better
40 MB hard disk space for minimum installation
256-color display (640x480)
4X CD-ROM drive

Macintosh Power Mac G3 or better
System 8.1 or later
10 MB hard disk space for minimum installation
13-inch 256-color display
4X CD-ROM drive



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