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Greenstreet Junior Coloring Book


Brand New CD-Rom

Turn your PC into a coloring book. Choose your picture from the selection of line drawings in the preview window, which includes ships, bears, dolls, trains, kids, and more. Then start coloring by clicking on the paintbox and selecting the part of the drawing you want to color. Colors can be changed as often as you want and mixed with the color selector. There is also a pencil to scribble with. Even undo and recolor as many times as you like. When pictures are complete they can be exported into other software applications and made into T-shirts, posters, or badges.

  • Windows 98, 2000, ME (also works on XP)

  • Pentium 90

  • 16MB RAM

  • 40 MB HD

  • SVGA Video

  • CD-Rom




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