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Medal Of Honor Allied Assault

Breakthrough Expansion (Mac)

Brand New

Factory Sealed Retail Box

Medal of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough is the new expansion pack for the award-winning Medal of Honor Allied Assault. Set in the European Theatre of Operations from 1943-1944, Medal of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough combines eleven single-player levels with nine new multiplayer maps and includes new locations, new weapons, and new soldiers. As U.S. Army Sergeant John Baker, players will join the battle at Kasserine Pass in North Africa, race to capture Messina in Sicily, and finally repel the German army at the historic battle of Monte Battaglia in the heart of Italy. Armed with a new arsenal of weapons, players will fight alone and with squad mates as they rush to stop the Axis powers by striking at the soft underbelly of Europe.

In Medal of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough, you take the role of Sergeant John Baker, a tough-as-nails infantryman in the 34th “Red Bull” Division. Baker’s ready attitude and extraordinary composure under fire got him “volunteered” for many extraordinary missions. His skills and battlefield wits got him through them, even when losses in his company were catastrophic. As Baker, you’ll join the American push across the deserts of Northern Africa and through the central mountains of Italy toward Rome. You’ll find yourself in the path of Germany’s famed Afrika Korps Panzers, under fire on the beach at Sicily, and hammering your way into the natural fortress of Monte Cassino. Few paths in history have been so hard to follow. You’ll cross uncharted battlefields and encounter an all-new range of enemies and weapons. Also, a new multiplayer game mode awaits, complete with new soldier classes.

  • 11 explosive new single-player levels in North Africa and Italy.

  • Nine new multiplayer levels include Monte Cassino and Anzio.

  • All-new Liberation multiplayer mode.

  • 12 new Allied and Axis weapons, including authentic Italian weapons.

  • Over 25 new soldiers include Italian, American, German and British troops.

  • Requires Medal of Honor Allied Assault or Medal of Honor Allied Assault Deluxe Edition to play

  • Mac OS 9.2.2 or Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later

  • PowerPC G3/G4/G5, 800 MHz or faster (1 GHz G4/G5 recommended)

  • 256 MB of RAM

  • 1.6 GB free Hard Disk space

  • 3D Graphics Acceleration required (ATI Radeon 7500/nVidia GeForce 2 or better, 32 MB of VRAM)

  • 4X CD-ROM drive




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