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Mosby's Medical Encyclopedia


Brand New - CD-Rom

From the World's Leading Medical Authority
For more than 75 years, doctors, nurses, medical students, and other health care professionals have depended on Mosby, the world’s foremost health care publisher, for reliable medical information. Now the world’s leading medical resource is tailored to your needs—with easy-to-understand language and vivid multimedia. Whatever medical questions you have...Mosby’s Medical Encyclopedia™ gives you the answers you need. Quickly. Clearly. And easily.
Type in a body part, a drug, a disease, or any other medical term to instantly access articles, definitions, video clips, and more—all cross-referenced to related topics.

From measles to Bells’ Palsy, ibuprofen to digitalis. In-depth disease profiles include symptoms, causes, and treatments.

Understand the medications you’re taking. Get descriptions of prescription and non-prescription drugs, including possible side effects, and learn about potentially harmful drug combinations.

What really happens during arthroscopy? And how do you pronounce “ethotoin”? Find answers in thousands of photos, videos, animations, and audio clips.

View 70 full-color illustrations, complete with 800 labels and definitions. Click on any part of the body—like aorta or cerebellum—to learn more about it.

Includes retail CD in windowed sleeve - all documentation on CD.

  • 22,000 Definitions

  • Illustrated Atlas of the Human Body

  • 100 Video Clips and Animations

  • 1,200 Photos and Images

  • 4,000 Audio Pronunciations

  • Hundreds of Disease Profiles

  • Pediatrics Appendix

  • Nutrition Appendix

  • Height and Weight Tables

  • Complete Drug Guide

  • Easy Search Capabilities

  • Handbook of Diseases

  • Photos, Videos, and Audio Pronunciations

  • Book of the Year

  • American Journal of Nursing

  • Windows 95/98, Me, 2000, XP

  • 486DX2/66 MHz or faster

  • 8 MB RAM (16 MB highly recommended)

  • 70 KB free hard disk space SVGA monitor,

  • 256 colors (16-bit color recommended)

  • Windows-compatible sound card & speakers

  • 2X CD-ROM drive Printer (Optional)

  • Internet access (required for online features only, Optional)



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