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MP3 Maker Platinum


Brand New Flat Pack

Magix MP3 Maker Platinum includes everything you need for quick and easy MP3 editing. You can rip, burn, and archive CDs; search and download the latest hits; record from external sources; and create playlists. Manipulate digital music in any way you want: you can edit, convert, and add effects to your music files. Take your digital music off the computer so you can play it anywhere. Compile playlists, rip CDs, or burn music CDs from your MP3 library for your home or car stereo system. Play back music wherever you are in any format required. Each playlist track (no matter what the format or bit rate is) is automatically converted to the desired format. You can listen to worldwide Internet radio and record tracks instantly. File your music with authority with the help of CDDB, a free online CD database full of song-title information. Magix MP3 Maker Platinum is more than just a rip-and-burn program: it's a total digital music solution. *Flat Pack includes everything that would come in the box version - just no box.  All manuals, CDs, registration cards, etc are included and sealed!

  • Convert and burn
    - Original Franhofer decoder for mp3PRO and MP3
    - MP3 turbo encoder, optional mp3 PRO encoding (20 Demo runs)
    - Convert MP3's to music CD's compatible with all CD players
    - Burn and copy MP3 CD's and music CD's
    - Convert playlists of various formats into MP3
    - Precise sample conversion in all current bit rates

  • Record and Play
    -Record music from Internet Radio, LP, cassette, TV Out, etc/
    -Automatic cross-fades between tracks
    -Beat-controlled 3D-animation and 3D-effects
    -Create slide shows from images and music
    -Automatic song title recognition of music CD's (CDDB)

  • Edit and Archive
    -Music Editor for perfect sound editing
    -Sound Effects: Reverb, stero enhancer, fun FX and compressor
    -10-band EQ for personal sound design
    -Newly developed database for all media formats
    -Rename and edit MP3's

  • Import and Export
    -Download MP3's directly from the Internet (FTP)
    -Import: mp3PRO, MP3, WAV, WMA, ASF, REAL, OGG VORBIS and music CD's
    -Export: mp3PRO (optional), MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG VORBIS and music CD's
    -Send songs via email directly from the program

  • Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000, Me, or XP

  • Pentium 300MHz or faster processor

  • 64 MB RAM

  • 150 MB hard disk space

  • CD-ROM drive

  • CD burner required for burning CDs

  • 16-bit sound card

  • Minimum resolution 800x600 at 16-bit color

  • Mouse and keyboard




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