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Star Wars Jar Jar's Journey


Brand New

Factory Sealed Jewel Case

Jar Jar's Journey is an action-packed adventure book for ages 4 and up. Listen along as your favorite Star Wars characters read aloud from 14 richly animated story pages! Each story page has hidden surprises that come to life with the click of the mouse. Listen to amusing songs from the singing dictionary. Jar Jar's Journey also features 6 fun-filled games with multiple levels of complexity. Challenge skills in memory and matching or create masterpieces in the coloring center.

  • Join Anakin Skywalker, Qui-Gon Jinn, Queen Amidala and Padme on this incredible journey

  • Your favorite Star Wars characters read aloud from 14 animated story pages

  • Six action packed games with multiple levels of complexity

  • Over 100 fun, clickable animations hidden in the story pages

  • Build reading, memory, problem solving skills, eye/hand coordination, vocabulary, and more

  • Coloring book pages featuring favorite Star Wars characters

  • Print crazy creatures and coloring book pages

  • Runs on Windows and Macintosh systems

  • Windows: 95/98+

  • Mac: System 7.6 or better



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