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Star Wars Making Magic


Brand New CD

This Very Rare CD-ROM Features the amazing behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Star Wars Trilogy Special Editions. This Multimedia journey takes you behind the scenes to the incredible digital enhancements and all-new action to be found in the theatrical return of Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back & The Return Of The Jedi.

Includes the ultimate insiders guide to the star Wars Trilogy Special edition, Features George Lucas and the wizards at Industrial Light & Magic, Never-before-seen images from the Star Wars Trilogy, All new digital effects for the films that made Darth Vadar a household name.

Making Magic has interviews with George Lucas and special sneak preview of the digitally enhanced Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition set for theatrical release in 1997. Making magic will feature a multi-media tour, narrated by George Lucas, into the world of Lucasfilm production, including story boards, historical photos and production stills. Unseen footage will be shown of a meeting between Han Solo and Jabba the Hutt on Mos Eisley.

This interactive disc came out around the time of the Special Editions of the classic 3 Star Wars movies. It contains the original creative talenteers in interviews and voiceovers of the scenes in the movies and then playback of each of the reworked or added scenes, and explanations of why they were important to add back. You really can get a lot out of this in terms of delving into the mind of George Lucas and his team-mates. A huge database of pics, video, text and little known insight into one of the longest running, best selling movie series in history. Includes CD in sleeve only - all instructions are on the CD.

  • Vintage Macintosh CDrom



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