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Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego


Brand New CD

Kids experience America's cultural and geographic diversity firsthand as they travel to 51 U.S.A. cities and learn interesting facts about each state's geography, history, and people. To solve cases or gather information for school assignments, a rich electronic database is included, featuring narrated video clips, regional music, maps, and comprehensive essays.

Get on the case!
The United States has lost Lincoln's Log Cabin, Seattle's Space Needle, and the Continental Divide. As a detective, your job is to interrogate informants, track clues, and arrest the thief before your battery meter runs out! Includes CD in sleeve - all instructions on CD.

  • Electronic Reference Database
    Unravel clues using a rich database filled with over 50 video clips, maps, and flags. Essays highlight each state's geography, economy, historic events, landmarks, and most celebrated people.

  • Includes keyword search capability.

  • Explore Mode enables research for school assignments.

  • 51 Locations Nationwide

  • Beautifully painted landscapes

  • Regional music and Spoken Clues

  • Over 200 animated characters

  • Get information for school assignments in Explore Mode.

  • Now features "The Chief" from the PBS show inspired by this award-winning game.



  • Windows 95, 98, Me, XP

  • 486/66Mhz or better

  • 8MB of RAM

  • 15MB hard drive space

  • Super VGA (640x480x256 color)

  • 2X or better CD-ROM drive

  • Windows compliant sound device

  • Mouse

  • Modem and Internet service provider optional


  • 68040 or better

  • 15MB Hard Drive space

  • Super VGA (640x480x256 color)

  • 2X or better CD-ROM drive

  • System 7.1 to 9.x

  • 20MHz processor or faster

  • 8MB RAM free

  • Modem and Internet service provider account optional



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